It's been a long road to this point and I am very proud to announce that Cork & Co is now in business. After a decade in the wine industry the opportunity has arisen for me to start Cork & Co, a Brisbane based wholesaler of fine wine, beer and specialty spirits. I am incredibly fortunate to have the support of my family and a handful of Australia's most interesting and talented winemakers as we launch Cork & Co in Brisbane. 

When the opportunity to start this company came up the question arose fairly quickly as to who and what we wanted to represent. There are four things that I feel are absolute necessities when making great wine. Quality, varietal character, a sense of place and a human connection to the wines being made. Quality, being greater than just that of the wine being made but more so a comprehension of quality wine, winemaking, viticulture and all aspects of what it takes to make great wine. Varietal Character and Terroir, many years ago I had the good fortune of spending some time with Tony Harper, one of the things he mentioned was "that good wines exhibit many things but great wines always speak of their varietal and their place". I have always found that these fundamental expectations are held dear by most enthusiasts of fine wine and are a logical standard to bare. The human connection is an interesting concept, I am yet see a great wine that someone had not loved through its production. I believe that a true connection between the winemaker, viticulturists or owner is absolutely integral in the production of great wine.
With all of these factors considered we have been fortunate to become the representatives of some of Australia's most interesting and exciting producers. We have brought together many producers who we think achieve the best expressions of their region of Australia.  

We endeavor to grow the portfolio to be representative of every region of Australia and are incredibly excited to share our love for sustainable Australian wine with you.


Chris Fullerton



One of the greatest challenges faced by Queensland based distributors is warehousing. The extreme heat of the Queensland summer can be of huge detriment to the sale of quality wine and for this reason it was of absolute importance that we launched Cork and Co with warehousing capable of giving us perfect cellaring conditions. 


Our warehouse is fitted with highest grade insul-ation, heat extracton and powerful air conditioning systems. 


We also work with our wineries to ensure that their wines are shipped at the most suitable times so as to ensure that all wine arrives in Brisbane in the best possible condition.